My Story

The reason I’m so passionate about teaching and empowering others to own their health is because of my own journey.  I’ve seen the painful truth of our existing system for health care and how people with chronic illnesses are treated.  I know too well the frustration and confusion and the searching for someone to listen and to help.  I know what it is like to go to specialists and depend on their advice only to find yourself on a trial of medications that don’t resolve the root cause and lead to other side effects and chemical dependency.  You may even find yourself just being managed but not really living a life anymore.  I know I did.  My goal is help others who are struggling and prevent others from ever finding out where an unhealthy lifestyle leads.


I was told that I was chronically ill and would be on medication for life.  Today, I am medication free and depend on food, supplements, and healthy activities like yoga, meditation, and exercise.  I still have my struggles, but I’m committed to repairing my mind, body, and spirit as I regain my life.  


Looking back, I’m not even surprised at how my health fell apart.  I am surprised at how I, an educated person, could have been so unaware of how my choices were drastically affecting me.  I had a very unhealthy lifestyle. Being single, I constantly ate packaged and processed food. I also frequently ate restaurant food including fast food. I thought it was so much easier to rely on drive thrus. Why cook for one? I rewarded myself with food and alcohol. I tried to be healthy. But I didn't realize all of the sugar in my diet and the importance of reading the ingredients on labels. What do you mean eating low calorie and low fat items wasn't the way to go?  Due to medication and lifestyle, I gained a lot of weight. I didn't think there was anything I could do. Then a few years ago, I realized I could lose the weight. I started to make changes. Through changing my diet and exercising, I lost over 80 pounds! I also learned what foods help me and which foods I react poorly to.  I am still making changes.


There is no one answer. It is your life, and you need to own it. Learn about you and what you need to be VIBRANT. I'd love to help you on your journey.
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