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Please note:  I'm currently looking for group hosts for let's get healthy together programs. Hosts attend for free. See below for more information. Contact me at with any questions.


Let's Get Healthy Together (2)

Let's Get Healthy Together- 4 weeks 

Some of the challenges of starting (and continuing) a new healthier lifestyle are feeling alone in it, staying motivated/having accountability, and keeping social.  So… let’s get healthy together! Invite your friends to join you in 4 group health coaching sessions. You choose what topics you want to explore either in advance or after a first goal creating session.  We can focus on eating healthy/meal prepping/meal planning, exercise, stress, and more. Cost is $15 per person per week and host attends for FREE (minimum of 4 participants including the host). You can host at your home, office, or meet virtually (weekly call).  

What’s included

4 coaching sessions (90 minutes each) with different topics available (nutrition, movement, stress, and more) to educate and motivate you to make sustainable lifestyle changes
Facebook group to connect and share and support each other
Simple healthy recipes
Handouts specific to your group’s needs and goals
Free individual health coaching consultation


Additional Classes are available:

Sugar Blues

Weigh Less, Live More

Eating for Energy

Women’s Health

Grocery Shopping 101

Reading Food Labels

Cooking Classes

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