Are you eating enough?

When people think of losing weight, they think of dieting and decreasing calories.  One of my favorite recommendations lately for clients is to eat more food!  In reviewing people’s current meals, I was surprised at first how little people say that they eat especially early on in the day.  “I usually skip,” they say in response to breakfast.  Lunch is not always much either.  No wonder people are feeling like crap.  The body has no fuel to run on.  Well, except for caffeine and sugar which are what people are managing to consume in place of wholesome food.  As cliche as it may be, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  It sets the tone for your day, kickstarts your metabolism, and provides fuel for the day.  It also prevents your brain from demanding high calorie, high sugar items to offset your signal of hunger.  We have been trained to count calories, and in doing so we’ve caused our bodies to not have the nutrition we need to take care of ourselves.  This deprivation is leading to the extra pounds we want to avoid.  Also, even if the counting calories worked, it cannot be maintained.  People feel deprived and hungry and then go to the other extreme.  They limit themselves, and then overeat on junk in the evening after the stress of the day, tiredness, and lack of nutrients leave them depleted.  Free yourself from counting calories and instead make your calories count.  Quality and the type of food are so important when it comes to the food you are eating.  Food is information for your body.  Replace the packaged food with whole, real food.  Eat food free from pesticides, additives, preservatives, and added sugar.  I turn down a lot of packaged and processed foods, and I am asked, “But what do you actually eat?”  I answer, “Real food.  Real fruits, vegetables, and meat.”  If you eat real food, your body knows what to do with it.  Plus, I haven’t met a person yet who overeats on spinach!  


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